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Ep 19 - Discover Black Biz Directories and Networks

This is an interactive DO session. The BEED Conference has discovered some of the top Black Business Directories, Marketplaces, Social and Job apps and networks! Visit . Join . Share . Tune in and surf some of the most accessible, forward and valuable networks on the market. Post your reviews and commentary using hashtag #BlackBiz on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. - black trade circle app - - Google Chrome - business marketing program for makers - directory / -  directory / marketplace / business - multicultural marketplaces and - directory / events / social - directory / marketplace - black owned social network (now crowdfunding to add live streaming) - job seeker / employer network Syndicated On Demand. Download this episode on your favorite podcast app iTunes - TuneIn - Sti…

As a business subscriber, which national Black Business directory(ies) do you like best

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