Faith McKinney

America's #1 Personal Media and Brand Strategist

Known as "The Great Connector," Faith's expertise is focused on networking, relationship building and positioning entrepreneurs and introverts looking to increased referrals and sales by increasing and strengthening their network of business and personal contacts. 

Faith is the founding member and served as Lead Ambassador of Successful Thinkers of Indianapolis for 4 years. A networking and relationship building organization, Successful Thinkers of Indianapolis emphasizes a more personal approach to networking, taking its membership from 35 to over 300 members.

Faith has worked with prominent motivational speakers such as Les Brown, celebrity makeup artists, O Magazine's stylist, Reggie Wells and author/actor/activist, Stanley Bennett Clay.

featured in The Wall Street Journal, Ebony magazine, CBS, The Indianapolis Recorder,, Loop21 and more

Faith’s success with Successful Thinkers of Indianapolis has lead to a partnership with ITT Technical Institutes campuses in Indianapolis. Successful Thinkers program has been added to their curriculum. Faith teaches networking etiquette to the students as well as hosting events geared toward the student’s needs. 

Faith is also on-air personality photographer and celebrity interviewer for where she covers local events and conducts interviews with such names as the legendary newsman Dan Rather, musical genius Kirk Franklin, and George Benson to name a few.

As a former exchange student who lived in Japan, Faith understands and appreciates people and cultural differences. She encourages people of all backgrounds to connect with each other.